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Star Legends Hack 4.85

Star Legends Hack 4.85

Star Legends Hack 4.85
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Something about Star Legends.
Star Legends: The Blackstar Chronicles by Space Time Studios is a Cooperative Online RPG in the style of Guild Wars (central social hub, all combat areas instanced), set in the space age, with players taking on the role Space Marines in the fight against aliens and various factions in the universe. Built on the success of Pocket Legends, one of the first ever mobile MMOs, Star Legends is primarily a mobile game although it can also be played on the PC through Chrome.

Gameplay in Star Legends is designed for three to five minute play sessions as their concept was get people in and out of games easily, so the game revolves around quests and dungeon levels; i.e. clearing dungeon levels and heading to the next. The Space Age theme helps with the immersion as you use transporters from the main hub to reach the various planets and a graphic of a spaceship shows in the loading screen. Or you simply access the sector map which provides level recommendations and the ability to join or create a game.