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Rappelz Hack

Rappelz Hack v3.32

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Something about the game Rappelz.
Rappelz is a 3D fantasy MMORPG, having mostly generic gameplay features and few unique ones. Create your character from one of the three races: Deva, Asura or Gaia. The game’s “guild siege” system offers a unique twist, allowing you to own dungeons instead of cities or castles. A pet system is also available to all players to aid them in combat. Other than that, your time in Rappelz is spent mostly grinding.

Rappelz is a widely popular MMORPG published in the North American market by gPotato. Rappelz is a huge game with a great deal of customization. Each of the three races has its own classes, though all class types generally fall into three archetypes shown below:
Playable Races:
Deva – Light-element race catered more on support and tanking. Generally have low offense
Gaia – Neutral human race with a balance of offense and defense.
Asura – Dark-element race focusing more on offense. Low on defense, high on evasion

Playable Archetypes: Melee, Caster and Summoner.