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Lagoonia Cheats v3.7

Lagoonia Cheats v3.7
Lagoonia Cheats v3.7
Lagoonia Hacks is a tool that adds to your account Pearls! Yes Lagoonia Cheats Pearls adds. So we can play Lagoonia for free. Adding Pearls can: add Energy and build buildings faster and get new items. Lagoonia Cheat can be downloaded for free only her. Using this tool, the game is enjoyable. See our video demonstration Lagoonia Hack and correct operation. You must to have it! Note Lagoonia is a very addictive game. :)
What can Lagoonia Cheats doo?
- adds PEARLS
with Pearls you have:
= Energy
= Speed Builds
= New Items
* Free Download
* Updates
* Safe
* Support
 Download for Windows
Download for iphone-ipad-Mac
Something about Lagoonia:

Lagoonia is a browser game Lagoonia, which blends the charm of a sandbox game with exciting social interaction – all on a remote South Sea island. The focus of Lagoonia is on the relationships between characters and players. Moreover, players plan and create many things that make the island livable and fun: from a warm fire and a cozy shelter, to useful fish nets and rafts, and later in the game lighthouses and waterslides.